Update to the French structural defect policyholders, who have received confirmation that their claim is covered by the Danish Guarantee Fund’s area of coverage.

You have filed a claim for a return premium against Alpha Insurance A/S in bankruptcy and the Danish Guarantee Fund for Non-life Insurance Companies (hereinafter “the Guarantee Fund”). You have also previously received a notification that the Guarantee Fund has provisionally assessed that your claim for a return premium is covered by the Guarantee Fund’s area of coverage.

The Guarantee Fund originally expected to be able to pay out return premiums within 4 months of receipt of your notification.

However, due to political discussions in Denmark and an upcoming parliamentary election, no final clarification has been made on how the calculation of return premium on structural defect policies should take place.

It is therefore, with regret, that the Guarantee Fund must announce that it now expects that it will be possible to pay return premiums in Q4 2019, at the earliest.

For the sake of good order, please note that the bankruptcy estate has not yet decided whether there is coverage by the estate for the deductible that the Guarantee Fund will deduct from your claim for a return Premium.

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