The bankruptcy estate has received enquiries concerning taxi motor insurances in the UK, including questions about coverage, claims handling and premium refunds.


All Alpha Insurance motor insurances on taxis in the UK will end on the 11th August 2018. We recommend you take out new insurance and understand that this has already been done by some brokers. Please refer to your broker with any questions concerning new cover. Please note that the bankruptcy estate is not in any way responsible for motor vehicle owners being in compliance with the local rules relating to compulsory motor insurance.


The Danish Guarantee Fund covers all third party claims under motor vehicle insurances. The bankruptcy estate is in contact with the claims handlers about how and when payments can be made on claims covered by the Danish Guarantee Fund. If you want to report a new claim, or have questions to an already reported claim, please contact the claims handler.

The Danish Guarantee Fund does not cover own damage to your taxi or premium refunds on commercial insurances. Such claims might be covered by the U.K. guarantee fund, the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. For further information please refer to: www.fscs.org.uk. The bankruptcy estate is in dialogue with the FSCS, and we are working on a process to make payments on claims covered by the FSCS. New claims must still be notified to your claims handler, in accordance with the procedure stated in your insurance policy.

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