2005: Alpha Group is founded by seven Danish individuals

Alpha Holding A/S is the parent company of the Alpha Group.

September 23, 2005: Alpha Insurance A/S received its license to operate as an insurance carrier  and becomes a 100% owned subsidiary of Alpha Holding A/S.



March 7, 2006: Alpha Group buys 100% of COSA Försäkrings AB (in liquidation).

June 22, 2006: Alpha Group buys Imagine Insurance A/S, now renamed Gaia Insurance A/S.

December 31, 2006: The groups equity is more than DKK 147 million (EUR 19 million) and group assets are in excess of EUR 154 million.

2007: Alpha Group sells Alpha Consulting

September 1, 2007: Alpha Group introduces Jens Erik Christensen as Chairman of Alpha Holding A/S.

December 31, 2007: The groups equity is more than DKK 208 million (EUR 28 million) and the group assets are in excess of DKK 1,128 million (EUR 151 million).


December 31, 2008: The groups equity is DKK 179 million (EUR 24 million) and the group assets are in excess of DKK 1,035 million (approx. EUR 140 million).


May, 2009: Alpha Group acquires Nemi Forsikring ASA, Norway.

December 31, 2009: The groups equity is DKK 282 million (EUR 38 million) and group assets are in excess of DKK 2,543 million (EUR 340 million).


January, 2010: Approval is recieved from the Danish FSA (Finanstilsynet) for a portfolio transfer from Alpha Insurance A/S to Gaia Insurance A/S and for merger of the two companies, with retroactive effect from January 1, 2009. Following the portfolio transfer and merger Gaia Insurances changes its name to Alpha Insurance A/S.

August 13, 2010: Alpha Insurance A/S increases its capital by DKK 150 million to more than DKK 450 million (approx. EUR 60 million) and moves to Harbour House.


December 31, 2012: The groups equity is DKK 364 million (EUR 50 million) and the groups assets are DKK 3,204 million (EUR 430 million).


December 1, 2014: On September 30, 2014, Alpha Insurance A/S entered into a private subordinated loan transaction with ILS fund manager Twelve Capital of Switzerland. The transaction provides Alpha Insurance A/S with EUR 20 million Solvency II / Tier 2 compliant capital and has a 10-year maturity.


January 14, 2016: Alpha Holding A/S is pleased to report a substantial capital increase in 2015 and 2016. Alpha Holding A/S has successfully secured additional capital for the Alpha Group of up to 150 million DKK from investors. 40 million DKK of the new capital was received in 2015. Another press release will be sent out detailing the further capital increase in 2016, which will bring the total capital increase to approximately 150 million DKK.


August 17, 2017: Alpha Insurance A/S has disposed of Nemi Forsikring A/S. Insr Insurance Group ASA entered into a share purchase agreement for the acquisition of 100% of the shares in Nemi. The agreed purchase prise for 100% of the shares in Nemi is NOK 320 million. The major part of the purchase price is already guaranteed by existing and new investors in Insr.

November 27, 2017: The FSA of Norway approved of the transaction.

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