Alpha Group is an independent Insurance Group created to assist and work exclusively with independent agents and brokers anywhere in the EU.

Alpha Group is today supporting more than 40 independent agents in 15 countries in the EU. Alpha Group was formed in 2005 as an independent and privately held specialty insurer focusing on insurance solutions for independent agents and brokers and specialty insurance program business in the European market.

The Group currently writes approx. DKK 2,000 million in premium and has total assets in excess of DKK 3,100 million

  • Alpha offers insurance licenses in the EU and associated countries
  • Alpha provides license, capital, capacity and full regulatory compliance
  • Alpha does not have its own tied agents or any other distribution system

Alpha Holding

Alpha Holding A/S was established in 2005, owns Alpha Insurance A/S 100% and currently has no other activities.

Board of Directors:

Chairman: Leif Corinth-Hansen
Board member: Bjarke Sanbeck
Board member: Thomas Fredslund
CEO: Bo Lundqvist

Alpha Insurance

Alpha Insurance A/S is a Danish Insurance company, which recieved its insurance license from The Danish Insurance Regulator (Finanstilsynet) in september of 2005. The company is owned 100% by Alpha Holding A/S. Alpha Insurance A/S holds all insurance licenses and has announced cross-border activity in most EU and associated countries. CVR 21064440.

Board of Directors:

Chairman: Bo Lundqvist
Board member: Bjarke Sanbeck
Board member: Thomas Fredslund
CEO: Leif Corinth-Hansen

Alpha Sales Group

Alpha Sales Group is an insurance agency established in 2009 by CEO and Managing Director, Kim Holten, and Alpha Insurance A/S. Alpha Sales Group’s main objective is to generate new business for the Alpha Group companies, mainly in the Scandinavian Countries.

For more information please contact Kim Holten.

Alpha Group · Harbour House, Sundkrogsgade 21, DK-2100 Copenhagen, Denmark · Tel +45 7025 2595 ·