Alpha Group is a European insurance group providing direct insurance capacity and fronting solutions throughout Europe.

Alpha provides insurance services to the general public through agents and brokers. We provide solutions for agents, brokers, associations, affinity groups and large corporations, with a high degree of flexibility.

 Agents & Brokers

We provide insurance capacity and cover holder solutions for brokers and agents who have direct access to clients. Our solutions help you retain control of your clients and prevent large traditional companies from encroaching on your client base.

  • Alpha offers you all insurance licenses in the EU and associated countries
  • Alpha provides license, capital, capacity and full regulatory compliance
  • Alpha does not have its own tied agents or any other distribution system
  • Alpha relies entirely on you and other independent agents and brokers who feel that the traditional insurers are not offering the capacity, flexibility, pricing, and service that you need

Associations & Affinity Groups

We provide insurance solutions for associations and affinity groups. Our solutions let you offer so-called “white-labeling” insurance products to members under your own brand.Thereby allowing you to maintain ownership of your business.
Alternatively you can choose to offer the Alpha brand name and benefit from our strong reputation in the market.

Reinsurance Brokers

Many of our current solutions have been presented to us by reinsurance brokers who then get the benefit of placing the corresponding reinsurance. Our reinsurance brokers are valued business partners and we strive to build long-lasting relationships with them.

Alpha Group also works closely with the reinsurance market and has built up important relationships with a number of the strongest reinsurers.

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