Update 11th June 2018 to all policyholders and claimants in Germany

 On 8th June 2018, the insolvency estate commenced the distribution of information notices, to all policyholders and claimants of Alpha Insurance A/S in bankruptcy in Germany.

The information notice contains information on the termination of insurance policies, the Garantifonden for Skadesforsikringsselskaber (Danish Guarantee Fund), including the coverage provided by the guarantee fund, deadlines and the procedure to lodge claims, information regarding the reporting of claims to the insolvency estate and the procedure for reporting new claims.

The trustee has asked the coverholders and claims handlers in Germany to issue the letter on behalf of the trustee. The information notice is prepared in your own language.

Here you will find the information letter in German and English.


Information to policyholders and claimants no. 1:

Submit a claim > Return-of-premium

Specific information to policyholders with motor insurances in Germany

For your information, all motor insurances in Germany will end the 11th August 2018.

Please note that the bankruptcy estate is not in any way responsible for motor vehicle owners being in compliance with the local rules relating to compulsory motor insurance.

The bankruptcy estate is in contact with the claims handler, Broadspire, about the further claims handling. If you want to report a new claim or have questions on a claim already reported, please contact Broadspire.

The Danish Guarantee Fund covers all third party claims under a motor vehicle insurance. The bankruptcy estate is in contact with Broadspire about how and when payments can be made on damages covered by the Danish Guarantee Fund. If you want to report a new claim or have questions on an already reported claim, please contact Broadspire.

In addition, the Danish Guarantee Fund also covers own damage claims and claims for return premium in excess of DKK 1,000, if the motor insurance is taken out by a private individual.

If the policy is taken out by a commercial entity, any claim for return premium must be filed against the estate.

Claims for premium refunds can be filed here: Submit a claim > Return-of-premium


Claims handler information:

Claims:  Motor claims

Claims handler: Broadspire & Crawford

Mail: Alpha@broadspire.de


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