Alpha Insurance A/S has been placed into liquidation on 8 May 2018

By a decree issued by the Maritime and Commercial Court in Copenhagen on May 8, 2018, Alpha Insurance A/S filed for liquidation. In that connection, the Court of Appeal appointed Attorney Boris Frederiksen from Kammeradvokaten/ Poul Schmith as insolvency administrator.

Contact Information:

Attorney Boris Frederiksen
Kammeradvokaten / Poul Schmith
Vester Farimagsgade 23
1606 Copenhagen V


The liquidation proceedings are due to the fact that Alpha Insurance A/S (now insolvent) on 3 March 2018 decided to terminate all new underwriting and renewals of insurance contracts, as a result of the company’s primary reinsurance company, CBL Insurance Limited, being placed in interim liquidation. By a resolution at the general meeting of 4 March 2018, Alpha Insurance A/S (now insolvent) entered voluntary liquidation.

Notification of loss
The Guarantee Fund for Non-life Insurance (Guarantee Fund) in Denmark provides compensation for claims that have not been covered as a consequence of a non-life insurer’s liquidation, for the following:

  1. Insured persons with private insurance (consumer insurances),
    2. Third parties who are insured against personal injury or property damage under motor liability insurance,
    3. Third parties who are insured against personal injury under other liability insurance,
    4. Collective insurance, insofar as an insurance by its nature corresponds to the individual insurances covered, as well as
    5. Fire insurance for buildings on all types of properties.

For further information about the damages covered by the Guarantee Fund, including premium issues, please refer to the Guarantee Fund for Non-life Insurance at

Compensation claims, which are covered by the Fund, must be notified to the Fund as soon as possible and no later than 6 months after the Liquidation Decree has been issued. Compensation claims notified prior to the liquidation decree shall be deemed to be notified to the Fund. Therefore, no notification must be addressed directly to insolvency administrator of claims notified to the Fund, or which may already be considered as having been notified to the Fund.

Please note that in certain countries claims can be directed to local Guarantee Funds/Compensation Schemes. Check your insurance policy for relevant contact details.

Notification of claims that are not covered by the Guarantee Fund must be notified directly to the curator, attorney Boris Frederiksen, at the email address

Claims made directly to the insolvency administrator must bear the heading “Anmeldelse af fordring”.

With the claim, please provide documentation in support of the amount claimed, as well as information about the following:
1. Nature and size of the claim
2. The date of loss
3. Information as well as documentation of any special rights, including other privileges
4. Information on which property items the security may include.

You will receive confirmation immediately after your notification is received.


Other enquiries may be made to:

Boris Frederiksen



Jesper Saugmandsgaard Øe



Agnete Brus Krusell



Christian Bo Kolding-Krüger



Sarah Willatzen

Assistant attorney


Kasper Østergård Sørensen

Assistant attorney

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