Alpha Insurance A/S has been declared bankrupt on 8 May 2018

By a decree issued by the Maritime and Commercial Court in Copenhagen on 8 May 2018, Alpha Insurance A/S filed for bankruptcy. In that connection, the Court of Appeal appointed Attorney Boris Frederiksen from Kammeradvokaten/ Poul Schmith as insolvency administrator.

All Insurances have terminated on 11 August 2018. Therefore we recommend you to take out a new insurance as soon as possible.

For more information on filing a claim, please go to the “Country Specific Information” tab and select your country. For more information on filing a claim for premium refund > Click here.  For more information regarding coverage by the Danish Guarantee Fund > Click here

For further information about claims handling, including notification of new claims and information about claims already reported, please contact the relevant claims handler as stated in your insurance policy. For more information on this, please go to the “Country specific information” tab and select your country.

If the claim cannot be approved by the claims handler, you can report the claim directly to the bankruptcy estate at

This email cannot be used for any claim for a refund of premium. With your claim for damages, you must include the following:

1. Indication of the nature and size of the claim

2. Date of loss

3. Copy of insurance policy

4. Copy of all relevant correspondence with the claims handler