The Danish Guarantee Fund

The Danish Guarantee Fund covers premiums paid before the issue of the bankruptcy order on the 8 May 2018 but with an excess of DKK 1,000 per policy. However, only such part of the premium as corresponds to the remaining part of the insurance period is covered by the Danish Guarantee Fund. The excess of DKK 1,000 per policy will automatically be registered in the register of debts in the bankruptcy estate.

Please note that in certain countries, policyholders with these insurance types will be eligible to claim compensation from their local Guarantee Funds/Compensation Schemes. Policyholders with these insurance types should lodge their claim for a premium refund using the above web portal. The bankruptcy estate will work with the respective Guarantee Fund/Compensation Scheme to process the claim. The Danish Guarantee Funds does not accept any documents regarding claims or premium refund. Contact your country specific claims handler in order to process your claim.

Further guidance will appear on the web formula. Please be aware of the prolonged casework time.


The Danish Gurantee Fund covers the following insurance types:

Private insurances (typically consumer insurances such as third-party motor liability insurance, home and personal protection insurance, houseowner’s insurance, second home insurance, accident insurance or similar private Insurances)

Collective insurances to the extent that such an insurance corresponds to the individual insurances covered

Fire insurances regardless of the type of property and class of policyholders (coverage of damage caused by fire is not limited to consumer insurance, i.e. one- or two-family houses or second homes, as the Fund also covers fire damage to commercial properties etc.)


Generally the Danish Guarantee Fund does not cover premium refunds on the following insurance types:

British taxi insurances

British insurances on buildings.

French insurances on buildings (except if the policyholder is a private person)

Claims for premium refunds on the above matters will be registered in the register of debts in the bankruptcy estate.


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